S7aty Health portal is a different kind of social network, built from the ground up for the community leaders, bloggers and tweeters who are actively involved in health online.
S7aty Health portal is a platform for committed health advocates to foster new relationships, gain access to helpful resources, and to grow their communities. And it’s free.

Our goal is to equip our network with opportunities designed for the active contributor, relevant content, powerful educational resources and shareable interactive media. We hope that the bloggers, tweeters, and community leaders that we call Health Activists will find inspiration, strength and support here.

S7aty Health portal funds its support for our network through transparent, community-vetted advertising and sponsorships from health companies: research, content development, education, events, conferences, distribution programs, ad networks, and more. We believe a solid business model helps us to provide an enduring, self-sustaining home for our members.

S7aty Health portal Delivering patient care, coordinating with specialists, managing administrative tasks, interacting with payers, and staying up to date on evidence and protocols - they all depend on accessing and sharing information in a secure manner.

Healthcare organizations often rely on fragmented and disparate systems where information is trapped in silos. This makes collaboration difficult and getting a complete picture of a patient's health or billing status challenging, at best. In addition, healthcare providers are often overloaded with so much information, it's difficult and time-consuming to discern what's most relevant. Time-challenged health professionals need health portals - tools that deliver the right information at the right time and make it faster and easier to collaborate across the healthcare ecosystem.

S7aty Health portal solutions provide a foundation for more streamlined and efficient information sharing. This helps healthcare professionals work together more effectively, respond to issues more quickly, and deliver higher quality care at a lower overall cost.