Map Decision-Maker System (MDMS)

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Specifications :

1. Map Decision maker system is a software application contains a number of advanced tools and software on the Web (Internet), which helps to achieve its goals.

2. Main components: The system consists of two main components:

2.1. Bank information (database)

2.2. Decision support system

3. Reliability of the data: The system helps to make decisions based on the number of data received from the reality.

4. Continuous updating: The system has the advantages of the continuous updating of data through the persons involved in each of the areas of work on the ground.

5. Reference data: Do not specify a number of sources and references that are referenced and compared with data that is fed by the system. To be involved in training people on how to obtain these data, and corrected.

6. System on the World Wide Web: The system uses the World Wide Web (Internet), which is managed on the Internet (Online). And therefore can be managed runs anywhere. Are also working on it and enter and modify data from anywhere in the world.

7. Management accounts and users and the various powers: The system provides different privileges to users depending on the course.

8. Follow-up and guidance and audit users and stakeholders.

9. Ease of use.

10. Interfaces, a series of convenient and easy to use.

11. Reports, graphs, diagrams and charts.

12. Information security and the conservation and backup.

13. Technical support.

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System objectives

1. Evaluation of new projects submitted to the system of evaluation and decision-making and give the best proposals for the project.

2. Evaluation of existing projects in selected areas.

3. To propose rules for new projects (fields, outputs, services) are required in specific areas.

4. The system Proposed an areas should need a new projects (fields, outputs, services).

5. Analysis and conclusions.

6. The annual planning and follow-up to the actual reality of the current projects and future projects On specific areas.

7. Issuing reports, graphs, diagrams and charts.

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